Baked Egg in Avocado

IMG_20160318_112916I have never really caught on with the avocado obsession till date. I remember on our visit to Sri Lanka one of my friends stopped our entire caravan on a sinuous bend to get some avocados from the roadside ,which turned out to be raw by the way. How in London one of my friends went oooh ahhing on avocado butter and I thought to myself how can a fruit replace good old butter?!

On the whole30 community I saw people eating avocado with almost anything..Salads with avacado,eggs and avacado,grilled avacado,cauliflower and avocado! So it was almost peer pressure which made me give one more opportunity to avocado to prove itself yummy!

I decided to try the combination of egg and avocado fully expecting to throw it in the bin. The avocado was small so the egg didn’t really fit fully into it.I thought to myself this will never work, its  a waste of an egg and 40 bucks worth of avocado.But the symphony that avacodo and egg created within mere fifteen minutes in the oven was as melodious as coffee and cream,oh and sugar!(I know I cant have cream or sugar!) I now berate myself on being so agnostic about it and not being experimental enough to try it before today.This combination is not only heaven on tongue but also ascethically brilliant and required exactly ten seconds of prep time.

My suggestion,after my egg overflowing from the avocado , is to use a biggish ripe avacado which can accommodate the egg completely. As i was very skeptical about this working i sprinkled some pizza seasoning hoping to redeem the dish but there is no need of any oil or even seasoning but you can try the classic salt and pepper.

Don’t be a boar like me and try it sooner than later!



  • Avacado-half
  • Egg
  • Mixed Pizza seasoning


  1. Cut an Avacado into half.Remove the ball size seed.
  2. Place it in a ramekin or an oven proof bowl.
  3. Break the egg over it. If some of the egg white overflows its fine.Just go with it.
  4. Bake in an oven at 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes based on how runny you like your egg.I like mine firm so I cooked it for 15 minutes.


Breakfast is served!!



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