Whole 30 Before 30

I am back after two years with a slightly different theme this time…

I have decided to follow the whole30 program and I will record the next 30 days here on foodcow on a daily basis. Whole30 is basically Paleo (caveman diet) but a little more tough cause you can’t cheat and make almond floor cookies and cakes here. This program eliminates all inflammation and allergy causing food groups for 30 days after which they are slowly introduced in your diet. This helps identifying the culprits which wreck havoc in your body. Though it’s named whole30 the food intake is controlled for around 45 days.

My goal is to lose weight, improve my body composition, figure out if I am allergic to gluten and find out what causes my skin to breakout. Incidentally this will be right before my 30th birthday and I am excited to see how I look on birthday.

The don’ts are

-No Sugar (The usual Suspect)

-No Alcohol (obviously!!)

-No Grains (The carbs)

-No additives

-No Legumes (How in the world will I manage without dals!!)

-No Dairy (Don’t even start on this one)

The rules are a horror in the descending order…I can do the first 4 but the last two are going to be difficult for me. I didn’t realize no legumes mean no dals…no soy..! And no Dairy means no milk and no curd!!

In the morning, I was creating a list of recipes which I can definitely make to satiate my need for carbs…The mixed dals…the moong chilas…I even argued with my friend on how dals are obviously allowed…my bubble burst pretty soon looking at the donts…Now I just have two fulfilling options in my head…eggs and chicken..I will be truthful here…I don’t know how I will manage the last two rules…

In addition to all the “don’ts” I have certain restrictions of my own- I am not a beef eater and I don’t like lamb so out of 5, 2 kinds of meets are out. I live in India…and get only very limited meat options…Pork is not easily available in Bangalore so that will be difficult to procure.

Also my diet is mostly vegetarian so eating large amount of animal protein scares me.

This is going to be a definite challenge for me.




Whole30 quote “it’s not hard.dont you dare tell us this is hard.Quitting heroin is hard..Beating cancer is hard..Drinking your coffee black .IS .NOT.HARD”


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