The Mango Cheesecake Fiasco!!

This weekend a lot of great and a lot of irritating things happened!!!first we got our new dining table home..:D..thats the great part..The irritating part is that Abhi was stranded at various airports in china was around 24 hours…alone…waiting…he was suppose to reach on Friday night via Hongkong but he came on Saturday night..Via Hongkong and Bangkok!

So there was a need to make something amazing…to celebrate the new dining table and to make Abhi’s mood better…what he likes the best is a cheese cake!!!I had this recipe which I wanted to try since looong!!This cheese cake uses yoghurt and paneer or cottage cheese for filing instead of cream cheese which gives it a much lighter texture. Next I had to decide the flavor of the cheese cake…i decided to visit the local super market and wait for some inspiration to hit me! But as soon as I entered the fruit aisle I was hit by the sweet mango smell. There in front of me where approximately 15 kinds of mangoes ranging from golf ball sized to some as big as a watermelon!!Ok no musk melon..: D…I picked up 3 of normal looking mangoes…I didn’t want to experiment too much!

All was going well till then…everything was ready…all I had to do was follow the recipe and make a cheesecake…but as usual I didn’t follow the recipe fully..Instead of using Marie digestive biscuits which I normally do for the base I used diet crackers…sugar less…and instead of using unsalted butter I used amul salted butter…hence my base was totally salty!!!

Next place I screwed up was when I put the gelatin…I would put the blame of this failure on my friend Bala who obviously didn’t know what 5 gms is! And cos of that I ended up putting lesser gelatin than required and my cheesecake didn’t set even after 8 hours of chilling!!I was like a pudding which tasted weird!which my friends still ate..:D

I obviously didn’t know that my cheesecake will not set when I used up rest of my amazing mango puree as the glaze…if I had known I would have made a mango shake and drank it all!!!

But anyways so here is another cheese cake failure!!

Why couldn’t my hubby just like good old chocolate cake…or cookies!!





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