weekend get away to coonoor



Lots to say…lots to share…lots to show…but too little time!!New job, new home, new schedules…and definitely new weight…don’t want to be precise here…but suffice to say…it’s a lot…both in appearance and in number..But as Abhi my hubby says…never trust a thin chef! D

So since I left my last job I have some free weekends! D  no Saturday working! It’s such a bliss…it feels like before the week starts it ends! And a Friday is exactly that…a Friday! All my weekends are booked till mid may!!i am a busy Gal!!


Last weekend we went a place called coonoor…just below Ooty in Tamil Nadu, India…What a brilliant amazing place!!!The drive through the jungle was spectacular!!We saw a bear! A wild black huge bear…on the road!!How awesome can that be!!And when we reached there the weather was oh so amazing!!The cottage we stayed in was such a cozy little place overlooking tea gardens and mountains…beautiful flowers everywhere, birds you would never see in metros!!!!


I also found the most amazing things that I couldn’t get my hands on in Bangalore! I got two packs of vanilla pods…chamomile tea…Coonor made parmesan cheese…and strawberry preserve made of whole strawberries…homemade mint chocolate and homemade Orange marmalade!!I made a cheese cake yesterday with the strawberry preserve topping!!Oh so delicious and heavy!!Sadly I didn’t have the time to take a pic…

We also visited a friend’s cousin’s place in cunnor! Oh man it was a gold mine!!!Beautiful lush garden with pine trees, peach trees, flowers, banana trees and the kitchen!!!!And the dining tables!!!!!And the china!!!And the indoor plants!!And freedo the dog!!!And the chocolate chip cookies!!Oh god I can’t stop drooling over it all! So I am posting some pics for you guys to see and drool too!!




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