Mouthwatering,Delicious,Beautiful disasters!!

I don’t really believe in measuring while I am cooking…Hence it’s a tad bit difficult for me to write a blog…Out of the 6 things I bake in a week…2 of them don’t really come out like the recipe promised. Its eatable…Most of the times even delicious…But it would have turned from a cookie to a brownie depending on what I think is right or not…

Like the last time I made a brownie…I had initially planned to make a chocolate chip chocolate cookie but when I took the dough out of the refrigerator next day it was all hard and like the recipe suggested I started cutting the cookie dough using a knife…But the perfect disc which was suppose to result crumbled..Hence I got totally bugged…Threw the whole dough into the food processor…Put one more egg white and some milk till I thought the consistency was right…Greased a square dish and just poured it away in the dish and baked it..I figured I will either get a brownie out of it or a cake…Either ways I was ok..: D…I got the best brownie I had tasted!

I don’t even own a weighing machine either…So when they say 125 gms of chocolate I just wing it! Maybe that’s the reason why most of my chocolate desserts come out amazing…cause I put more chocolate than called for by the recipe!!:D

And most of the times I use one bowl method…I am not so good at creaming the sugar and stuff..Thinking back i guess that’s the reason why my macaroons came out like flat disks..Don’t worry I salvaged them too..: D…i put mixed berry jam in the middle and made a double disk sandwitch! D..It was pretty amazing!!The bitterness of chocolate and the tartness of the jam combined and made it a heavenly treat!!!

So what I mean is…whatever your disaster is…dont throw it…Just rename it! 😀

Like the leftover chappati dough that I had was made into a heavenly pizza!!Jus rolled out the roti dough into a thin thin disk..topped it with magi hot and sour sauce and mozzarella and zucchini! Baked it in a preheated oven at 220 degrees on a hot hot baking tray..and we have a healthy thin crush wheat pizza!!!

Hence don’t think too much about it…just start baking and hogging!!:D


2 thoughts on “Mouthwatering,Delicious,Beautiful disasters!!

  1. No kidding! When I hear people say “I can’t bake!”, they’re just afraid of it not tasting perfect or looking like the photograph. I just tell them EVERYONE loves desserts, even if they look ugly PEOPLE EAT DESSERT, no questions asked. I, for one, never mind being anyone’s baked goods guinea pig.

  2. ha ha..its tough for me cos i just like to throw things together and experiment every-time..So i mostly never follow a recipe fully..and as long as it doesn burn it always comes out as something eatable!!:D

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