Ginger bread cookies

Christmas spirit was pretty high at our place! I went out shopping for a tree and a large sock and pretty red star! I must say at this point my Electrical & Electronics Engineering degree was of immense use!:D

I got a wire, bulb, bulb holder and I put it all together to make my star shine!!:D(Yes everybody knows engineering is really a useless degree).So during my shopping I spotted this place selling ginger bread cookies and it was a Light bulb moment! I decided to make this Christmas special and bake my own ginger bread cookies! The only issue was I didn’t really have time to get a ginger bread cookie cutter as the light bulb moment happened on 23 Dec. Anyhow I was not to be deterred and I decided to make assortments of cookies and a few freehand ginger bread men and women!

Believe me ginger bread baking and carving and decorating with the icing is so much fun that by the time I was done I was jumping up and down with excitement!!This is so going to become a tradition in this household!!You can make whatever shapes you like and decorate them however you want! I made a few hearts and a few faces and 3 ginger bread people. The best part is that they taste amazing!

There were a few frustrating moments as well especially when my gingerbread men broke their limbs etc(while carving).But for these cookies you have to refrigerate the batter at least for 1 hour. The other worry of mine was molasses or golden syrup which is not very easily available at stores here.(though since then I have been able to procure them from a far far away shop)That’s when I read on that golden syrup can be substituted with honey in almost  the same measure!

So here goes the recipe!


For the cookie

2 ½ cups of flour

1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

2 teaspoon mixed spices (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg)

2 table spoon of ground ginger or ginger paste

140 g butter

½ cup brown sugar

¼ cup honey

1 egg yolk

For the icing

1 1/3 cups of icing sugar

1 egg white

Food coloring-red and green

  1. In a bowl mix Flour, bicarbonate of soda, spices and ginger together
  2. Using an electric mixture beat sugar and butter together.
  3. Add the honey and the egg yolk  in the sugar-butter mixture and beat till well combined
  4. Add the flour mixture to the wet mix and beat at a low speed(Can also do it by hand)
  5. In case the batter seems tough you can add more honey in it.
  6. Divide the dough into half and roll between two parchment sheets using a pin(this can also be done by hand)Do not make it too thin ,cookies will be hard to cut otherwise
  7. Refrigerate the dough at least for 1 hour.
  8. The dough should be firm by then. Bring it out and carve your cookies out using a cookie cutter of freehand (freehand is more fun!)
  9. Bake for 10 min in a preheated oven at 165 degrees or till golden brown
  10. In the mean time combing the icing ingredients and divide it into half. Add a little red and green coloring to each portion (depending on the color you want) and pour it into icing bags.
  11. Once your cookies are at room temperature you can decorate them in the way you want.

Merry Christmas!!


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