My take on pizza!

My first experimental pizza was made without a proper recipe or technique. I just randomly made some flour out of Maida(all purpose flour) with 1 tsp of yeast soaked in milk and after 2 hours proceeded to make my very  first pizza!!!

I had seen on TV somewhere that u can hand flatten your pizza (which is good if u want a thick crust, but I was aiming for thin) I forgot that the dough always rises while cooking!  Next day I went to this pub in Bangalore famous for its pizzas. They make it in front of you in a traditional coal oven! I saw them rolling the dough into super thin disks and putting the topping on it and in it went into the oven for barely 30 seconds!!

Well that stuck with me. Even now I refused to follow a recipe for some unknown reason and dived in the pizza making world again!!But I had some dough left made out of multi-grain flour and bishop’s weed (ajwon) and I decided to roll it out very thin and use that as the base!

And guess what? It came out brilliant!!!!

I preheated the oven at 200 degrees for about 20 min and left the baking plate inside so that it can also heat up. I had read somewhere about a concept of baking stone being left inside over which the pizza was cooked. Well I didn’t have a stone but sure had a baking tray!!

So my hubby’s best friend…Bala is almost always here so he is also one of my critiques and while i was making it he was standing next to me scrutinizing how much cheese i was putting on the pizza.He tries to be health conscious you see and so he didnt let me go over his mental limit for healthy cheese and hence the pizza looks a lil less cheesy! But when Bala turned his back on me I quickly grated a cube of cheddar cheese on it! 😀 and the mix of mozzarella and cheddar was as usual amazing!

Another trick of mine was to use Maggie Hot and Sour sauce instead of making a sauce from scratch. The taste was simply amazing cause of it!!And my third magic ingredient was fresh basil leaves. Those combined with the sauce was an action packed punch!


Makes 2 pizzas cooking time: 10 min

Pizza crust

Multigrain Flour-1 cup

1/4 cup water

1 tsp ajwon

Pizza topping

3 tsp Maggie Hot and Sour Sauce

Zuccinni-6 slices

Capsicum-cut in thin slices

Olives-6-cut horizontally

Basil Leaves-6

Mozzarella Cheese-according to taste & health

Cheddar Cheese-1 cube

1. Roll out the dough into a thin disk. Make sure it’s not too thin because otherwise it will not sustain the toppings

2. Spread the sauce on the disk and next put the grated mozzarella cheese and basil leaves

3. Put rest of the toppings on it and finally grate the cheddar cheese on it.

4. Place it on the hot baking dish and bake away till u find that the cheese has melted and browned a bit.

5. Throw in some mix herbs on top and chili flakes if u want to and enjoy!!


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