so apparently now i am baking equipmentoholic!

It took me quite a while to find a blog site that suited my requirements and so I am one week behind in this blog. But here it goes..:)

I think I visited Neelgiris everyday and bought loads of supplies…one thing i like about the store is that you get the ingredients and also equipment…So while my hubby was paying for the OTG i was running across the street to get some supplies to start with my baking!

And imagine!!For a supermarket…they had square dishes and cupcake pans! But sadly only 6 cups in a pan…i didn’t think i will need more cos really its just the two of us at home..But in the past week I have had so many guests at home that all my cooking efforts have been fruit-full…Till now i haven wasted a morsel of bread…so to speak!

After this I had to had to find a spring form baking dish searched and searched and searched and finally asked a friend to get it for me from The US…but somehow..One Google search actually gave me the address of this institute called the institute of cake art and baking where you get allllllll and I mean all baking supplies in all shapes and sizes!!I was in seventh heaven…but only issue was that it was open only on weekdays and only till 6…but you see i work in a PSU bank where i have loads of time!!And hence I dragged my friends over to the place from office…we walked around 3 km…(Ok so I didn’t know the exact location) and we reach this place and I go crazy!!!!!

I was like a headless hen in the pen..:D

Anyhow so I bought my spring bottom pan!!Yippee!!And some frosting bags and dark chocolate! Imagine…500 gms of dark chocolate for Rs 110!!!JACKPOT!!

That was my second happiest day ever couldn’t wait for work to end and hit the kitchen!!more on how I got carried away and made a two layer-one chocolate and one white cake with chocolate ganache in my upcoming blog..:D



2 thoughts on “so apparently now i am baking equipmentoholic!

  1. babes, springform pans – nonstick, are available at the home centre, poppat jamal’s, currimbhoys and parrys.. i went mad in parrys.. you’ll find EVERYTHING there.. 1 kilo of best quality dark cooking chocolate for 300 bucks.. welcome to the club 🙂

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