My oWN huge-ass OtG!!!!yippie!!

So I get my own Morphy Richards…The biggest i could find…Now obviously i have no space whatsoever in my kitchen…with the microwave,the gas stove,the food processor..The mini food processor (: D)…and the rice cooker…you know how small kitchens are in rented houses!

But I don’t care…my boyfriends'(damn husband!!I am still not used to the word!!)Dream is to own a PS3…but somehow he never ends up buying one…mine was OTG!!!A huge ass one at that…next am gonna buy the enormous gigantic commercial ovens in which u can make a million things at the same time..

But we have guests that night at home… :(..I thought I will squeeze in sometime and make sausages, garlic bread, pasta annnndddd bake some amazing stuff…

I was a  high my recent purchase and nothing could stop me that night!!As my hubby hates chocolate (yes, I still can’t believe it! and I have known him for 100 years now!!!)I decided to bake banana bread. Sadly I was in a state to bake the cake and eat it too…but not in the state to take a pic as i was tooo tired & hungry after work and dinner!Before i could think of taking a pic it was over and done with!!:D



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